Be. The. X-Factor.

Our company started out from a recognition and appreciation that any athlete on a lacrosse field can be a changing factor in winning a game or losing a game. An X-Factor on the field. Our goal here at X-Factor Lacrosse is to cater to the needs of these athletes to optimize their time on and off the practice field. Providing training equipment to assist the specialist in all of us.

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X-Factor Lacrosse Real-Rep Pro

  • Sim-Spin

    In the attempt to simulate the face-off as closely as possible, the Sim-Spin was developed to get the player as close to the opposing head as possible. This allows the specialist to finely tune his trade with lifelike forces and motion.

  • Tri-Beam Design

    When designing the base of the X-Pro Face-Off one major concern was the ability to move around the machine after winning the draw. By designing the base into a triangular shape, it allows for over 270° of rotation.

  • X-Lock Cleats

    Making a product for any surface was an important aspect of design. In order to overcome this obstacle, the X-Lock Cleat was developed. The “X” shape was created to lock into both turf and grass to give the flexibility to practice anywhere.

  • Variable Force

    In an attempt to make a product that will appeal to every age and skill. The variable forcing system was implemented to give players of all levels capable to use this product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the surface requirements for using this product?

Currently, the device requires turf or grass. With the only exception being that astro turf will not allow the cleats of the machine to sink in deep enough to get traction during use. We plan, within the year, to release an alternative bottom that will allow for use of the machine indoors on concrete or basketball courts.

Does this device apply resistance to the Face-Off Athlete?

When you order the Real-Rep Pro, you will receive 3 bands of identical resistance. This allows for single, double or triple resistance. What we have found is that single to double band set-ups are ideal for most situations.

What does this machine actually do? What are the uses?

This question has multiple answers:

The first being that it allows for an athlete to take an infinite amount of reps only limited by the endurance of that athlete. 

It allows for a visual and a frame of reference for the athlete as opposed to practicing against a ball sitting on the ground. 

The design of the base allow for practicing a varying array of draws and exits. 

One of the uses that came up was the ability to be able to stay warm during a game, while there are lengthy possessions giving the Face-Off Athlete a way to stay active on the sideline.

How is one supposed to know what do when they receive the machine?

Coming out in early June 2018 is The Real-Rep Pro Training Series on YouTube. Because this machine is effective while taking face-offs straight up against it, the true potential of this machine is unlocked when the correct drills are paired with it.

Can I get a custom Real-Rep Pro with our team branding on it?

 The Summer of 2018 we expect to implement a custom decal system that will attach to the machine similarly to how helmet decals are applied. Be sure to reach out for more custom information. In the future, we hope to be able to do custom colors for all the components of the machine.