The Real-Rep Pro
The Real-Rep Pro
The Real-Rep Pro
The Real-Rep Pro
The Real-Rep Pro

The Real-Rep Pro

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The Real-Rep Pro was created out of the desire for a Face-Off athlete to train endlessly without the need to rely on another person to improve. This training device replicates the movement, resistance and visual aid of an opponent without the need for one. 

The device is great for nearly every kind of face-off situation. From replicating a 50-50 draw with an opponent to setting up the trainer in a way where the opponent has a won a clamp now its your job to fight out the ball. The training possibilities are endless and the improvement is limitless.

While this product acts great as a trainer for those wanting to improve outside of practice alone, it enhances and aids to in game performance allowing the athlete to stay warm on the sideline during those long offensive or defensive possessions. This allows real, game time results that can't be matched. 

Get your Real-Rep Pro today and don't be held back. 

Be. The. X-Factor.

Made of 3″x3″ Angle Iron Steel

Coated to Be Durable in Nearly All Conditions


  • 1 Base
  • 1 Head Attachment
  • 1 Rotation Arm
  • 3 X-Factor Branded Bands
  • 8 All Terrain X-Lock Cleats